Actual My Bloody Valentine albums to be released soon…

Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine performin...

Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine performing @ The Roundhouse in 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of us that are huge fans of My Bloody Valentine, the teasing that new material will eventually arrive is our catnip. We know better, but the mere waft of the scent sends us into crazy, delusional fits. Our brains no better: we’ve been promised new material for 20 years. That’s why any actual release date for anything MBV is cause for celebration. Tomorrow, May 7, My Bloody Valentine’s two essential albums will be reissued with remastered editions, with a third collecting the EPs. To hear both discs of Loveless, visit here.

Better yet is the seemingly honest suggestion of the long scrapped “new” album and a new EP of fresh material. Yes, we’ve heard it before and I’m not holding my breath, but there comes a point in which the world stops believing and we’ve long past that with frontman Kevin Shields. The reunion, the reissues, I’m guessing he’s feeling a bit nostalgic. If that means a new record actually comes out, then I’ll take it any day.

Happy Birthday, Loveless!

Twenty years ago today, my all-time favorite album was released to the world, obliterating the sonic mold that gave birth to it.  It spawned hundreds of copycats, but none that could handle the sonic onslaught, the shimmering vocals, and epic scale.

“Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine

Personally, I love that it feels otherworldly and incredibly personal. It transports me to my youth and young love and laying in the grass, dreaming through the clouds.