Hard Truth For Today’s Problem

Hard Truth

Belief Believing “they have always done it” does not make it right. Thinking “they must’ve deserved it” does not mean they did. Fearing for your life does not justify your taking theirs. Holding a weapon doesn’t make you safe. Choosing the easier route for yourself may make it harder for someone else. Supporting only people […]

We Labor Together

workers walking

Fairness in the Kingdom is not about your wealth, but our health a Homily for Proper 20 A  |  Text: Matthew 20:1-16 GOD’s way doesn’t seem fair It seems fitting that we would spend my last few weeks here dealing with what holy community looks like to Jesus. It is almost as if He’s trying to tell us something. I […]

Our Fast

Our Fast pic

It is fitting that Congress set All Saints’ Day as the day to cut SNAP (the program formerly known as Food Stamps). The day we celebrate all of the saints that came before, all the saints in our midst, and all of the saints to come, All Saints’ Day is one of the church’s principle […]

Sweating It Out: celebrating the Eucharist in a hoodie

I had trouble sleeping Saturday night. I was angry. Angry that George Zimmerman wouldn’t be punished, for the fear that has beset the African American community, for all the bullshit post-racism talk of my white neighbors. Mostly, I was angry that I was feeling powerless as a church leader to express myself. It frightened me […]