Love King? Live Kingdom.

As we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I have decided to do us all a favor and keep my reflection brief. MLK was a visionary, not because he was a civil rights leader or because he was faith leader, but because he understood Jesus’s vision. And he cast it out for us to see. A world in which we lived the Kingdom of GOD, not just paying it lip service. A vision in which he famously dreamed of his daughter playing alongside someone completely different. Not as two color-blind children, but as two children of GOD.

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As we celebrate today, with the confluence of the presidential inauguration and the observed day of a famed civil rights leader, let us take a moment and acknowledge something fundamentally missing from the narrative.

This isn’t just about race.

This isn’t just about equality.

This isn’t just about faith.

This isn’t just about geography.

This isn’t just about politics.

This isn’t just about tradition.

This isn’t just about charisma.

This isn’t just about the United States of America.

This isn’t just about people.

This isn’t just about today.

This isn’t just about a dream, a fiction, or a hope.

This is about what GOD has called us to do, what Jesus came to show us, and what the Holy Spirit is guiding us toward: a radically transformed world with different values than the empire. It is about making that happen. Everything else is a small piece in a much bigger puzzle. A puzzle we call the Kingdom of GOD.

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