Every Hill Made Low (Eating Scripture)

Eating Luke 3:1-6

Back in the recesses of my mind I recall a lyric:

Second verse

same as the first!

A little bit louder

and a little bit worse!

We ended Year B talking apocalyptic and we begin the new year, Year C, by…talking apocalyptic. Personally, I love it. We just aren’t that used to it. Here’s what I said a few weeks ago when the text was the beginning of Mark’s “Little Apocalypse”.

Advent is not just the beginning of the new church year or biding our time to get to Christmas. It is a time to examine what it is that GOD is doing by sending Jesus among us–the very purpose of the incarnation–and that is to transform the world.

Now that’s a feast!

Eating Scripture is a short video series in which we explore the juicy and the crunchy in this week’s gospel in four minutes or fewer.

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