A Short Apology

Since going back to work, I have been posting much less frequently. Far less than my post a day for the last 6 months. This certainly wasn’t my intention. It appears, even posting last Sunday’s sermon is hard to keep track of. That will change and I ask for your patience. One reason for this […]

No Deal.

a Sermon for Lent 3B Text: John 2:13-22 what’s the problem? Think about all of Jesus’s public ministry for a moment. There were some big spectacles like the feeding of the five thousand. There were also public condemnations, particularly of the Jewish leadership. But this story is unique. It is bold and unsettling. It is […]

Our Marks, Like Dust

a Sermon for Ash Wednesday, B Text: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 We’re trained from an early age to hate red ink. Our tests and composition papers were often so riddled with red, contrasting starkly with our own black or blue markings on the white piece of paper. Each of our teachers counted up those red marks—with […]