Simple Things Are Bad For You

Notice the tagline calls it "A mind-bending vision of reality"

Simple foods really are bad for us. Nutritionally, they are too easily digested, which is actually a bad thing most of the time. Heavily processed and enriched grains and sugar go through our systems inefficiently and cause us to consume even more of them. Complex foods like raw broccoli, whole grains, and proteins, are healthier. […]

Inside the Cacophony

a Homily for the Last Sunday after Epiphany, B Text:Mark 9:2-9 I walked into my poetry class completely unprepared for what was about to happen. This was years ago, back when I dreamed of becoming a writer, a playwright or poet, actually. Or at the very least the teacher of writers. It was our second […]

Jon Stewart: The Vagina Ideologues

Jon Stewart tackles not only the question of contraception, but the hypocrisy of a bunch of men making decisions about women’s bodies. You have got to see it!

Throw Your Process Off a Bridge

It has become clear that we are in an age in which process and system are colliding. Our institutions aren’t failing because they are institutions (and our government isn’t failing simply because it is government).  They fail because the process is obstructing the system. What I mean by process and system are simply the difference […]