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Gamergate and making the world safe for bullying


I think I figured out what has been bothering me about ‪#‎gamergate‬. Here’s what I know in an oversimplified narrative: 1. Several journalist gamers (virtually all women) were victims of doxing and bullying online for writing about video games. The bullying included slander and death threats. Several gamers came to their defense and became victims themselves […]

Moving away from Anglo-Catholicism

read "Moving away from Anglo-Catholicism" by Drew Downs

I went to seminary to learn how to do church “right”. Seriously. That’s what I thought. I thought that going to seminary was about learning the methods, the practices. How to hold your hands and how to stand. One of my favorite moments from the end of the first year, when a few of us […]

What Ben Affleck reveals about our deepest need

from "What Ben Affleck reveals about our deepest need" by Drew Downs

When I heard that one of Ben Affleck’s ancestors owned slaves, I didn’t even blink. That he didn’t want to share that on national television surprised me even less. In our gotcha era of dualisms and polarities, an outspoken liberal actor/writer/director would be easy fodder for the outspoken conservative media personalities. His deep shame, perhaps […]

Why Style is Not the Problem with Church

"Why Style is Not the Problem with Church" by Drew Downs

One of the easiest fights in church is over worship music. Everyone has an opinion and feels comfortable sharing it. Another is liturgical style: how we worship and the tools we use in our worship. For centuries we heard snide remarks that “smells and bells” in church was “papish” and “Roman”, spitting these claims like […]