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The Worth of Life

(a mountain walk) "The Worth of Life" a homily for Lent 2 by Drew Downs. Find more at drewdowns.net

Bad News, Good News, and Life Itself As much as Jesus is rebuking the Pharisees for teaching harmful stuff to the people, Jesus is opening up the very nature of life and death to them: That, of course: what lies ahead is awful. Of course none of us wants to do this. And yes, I […]

Other People’s Clothes

clouds from above - "Other People's Clothes" a poem by Drew Downs - visit drewdowns.net for more

In the front load washer, I can see whites and darks and grays mixed together. The checked blue shirt, gym shorts with the single cinched drawstring, and the lacy number that may be a halter top. I look at your clothes like an alien species or as a xenophobe looks at their neighbor, considering him […]

The Beasts and the Angels

a desert scene - "The Beasts and the Angels" a homily about the Temptation - visit drewdowns.net

How Jesus’s time in the wilderness reminds us of our own journey. So this thing we call The Temptation of Jesus isn’t really about temptation, or about the Tempter or about GOD and the problem of evil at all. It’s about experience, creation, and GOD. It is about living in this world that GOD has […]

Make the Kingdom

Make the Kingdom, a homily for Ash Wednesday on drewdowns.net

What Ash Wednesday tells us about what Jesus really wants. It is a time of wrestling with weighty issues of faith and of community; of justice and of the nature of GOD. To wrestle and prepare one another for greater unity. To heal the broken, to care for the weak, to help flip over and […]

In the Middle

a man up the mountain - and a homily for the Transfiguration at drewdowns.net

The Transfiguration, Peter, and how it feels in the inbetween. The middle, the hinge point in Mark is the end of chapter 8, when Jesus tells the disciples what is about to happen to him and to the movement, and the beginning of chapter 9, when Jesus is transfigured on the mountain. This is the […]