To make people whole again

"To make people whole again" a homily for Proper 8B by Drew Downs

Could it be that we’ve already taken Jesus more seriously than that? That we’ve spent 2000 years trying to bring the Kingdom closer? And could it also be that we are far from being done? That there are many among us who need to be restored, both to this community and within this congregation? Could […]

Is the church’s message really “we don’t love you”?

Is the church's message actually "we don't love you?"

For us, the ultimate example of marriage is found in Romeo and Juliet, not Genesis. It comes from true, burning desire to not only have sex with a person, but to be with a person, commit to that person, sit alongside that person every single day. To partner and respect and give and share and live a life […]

How do other people hear our gospel message?

"How do other people hear your gospel message?" by Drew Downs

It seems that, right now, in the United States, in the midst of the Charleston shooting, two years of national conversations about race, and arguing over the confederate flag, we have long ignored the most crucial part of communication. A Should’ve Asked Question   When Jesus tells us to proclaim the gospel to all nations, […]

A word about mercy

a word about mercy - Drew Downs

Mercy is a gift to unburden a heavy soul, not an excuse to live without consequence. Considering all that we’re dealing with right now, we could use the reminder.