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The New Authority

the new authority

Jesus shows us why our ideas of power are only half right a Homily for Epiphany 4B  |  Text: Mark 1:21-28   Authority Today’s story about Jesus leaving the seashore and heading to the synagogue to teach is obviously about authority. It says so. Twice. But it gets a little complicated. Yes, it is about authority […]

Of Darkness, Confusion, and Hope

jason hughes // www.jlhughesphoto.com // free under CC0 1.0

Driving home, we play “I Spy” and I name something black. The sky! she says. Nope! Something else. I say, but I’m thinking “skies are blue” and I’m thinking “it is dusk, so it is more deep purple” and still the thought confuses me. Black Skies Of course, at night the sky is black. And our […]

What is Wrong?

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We blame immigrants We blame minorities We blame women We blame sexuality We blame immorality We blame liberals We blame conservatives We blame judges We blame cops We blame communities We blame mothers We blame fathers We blame workers We blame corporations We blame executives We blame bankers We blame lawyers We blame soldiers We […]

Called to Transformation

sam ciurdar // samciurdar.com // free under CC0 1.0 //

How Jesus calls us to act now to do something audacious, in spite of ourselves, precisely because GOD is audacious a Homily for Epiphany 3B  |  Text: Mark 1:14-20 read along while you listen! Calling I love these call stories: these stories of Jesus calling the disciples to follow him. I think they’re pure gold for […]

I Can’t Write in a Laundromat

write laundromat

It seems like such a good idea. Lots of waiting. Lots of opportunity. No kids running around. It is socially acceptable to ignore the people around you. The laundromat seems like a fine place to write. For some reason, I can’t. My family has had to adjust to once again not having a washer and […]