Need help with Holy Week?

Whether or not you are someone who follows the traditional approach to Holy Week, or don't even know what "Holy Week" is, consider checking out these meditations for each day of this week.

Two Days Before: Wednesday of Holy Week

Photo Credit: Symic via Compfight cc

“It was two days before the Passover” Read the Text: Mark 14:1-11 Did you notice the context? Jesus brings His followers around, staying at the house of an outcast, and is served by another. Then is betrayed by one of His own. Of course, you were naturally drawn to that age-old debate: should they sell […]

In the Morning: Tuesday of Holy Week

(protest) "In the Morning: Tuesday of Holy Week" by Drew Downs

The Jesus Movement is actually all about authority.

If we recognize how Jesus challenged their understanding of authority on Sunday and again on Monday and then witness the fig tree “withered away to its roots” we may see that we, as the disciples, are the witnesses.

The Following Day: Monday of Holy Week

(a leaf budding) "The Following Day" a meditation for Holy Week by Drew Downs

“On the following day” Read the text: Mark 11:12-19 There are so few opportunities to see the anger of Jesus. We get so lulled by the images of the sweet Jesus, the stained-glass stick figure or the imagined bearded Caucasian with the sheep on his back and the children at his feet, that the Jesus with […]

Approaching Jerusalem: Palm Sunday

(palm in the sun) "Approaching Jerusalem: Palm Sunday" by Drew Downs

“When they were approaching Jerusalem” Read the text: Mark 11:1-11. When Jerusalem is involved, we are reminded of its fractured history. Its division. Its failure. We even see Jerusalem as a source of emotional (not just literal) pain for Jesus. We are so taught to approach Holy Week with dread. That we might look past “Hosanna!” […]