What your church needs to know about youth

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How the talents Jesus speaks of aren’t really gifts

a Homily for Proper 28A   |  Text: Matthew  23:34-39

And the master rewards this behavior (dare we say, stealing) of the first two slaves. They know what this man is like. Chances are, they take on this behavior. Think The Wolf of Wall Street and the culture built around stealing people’s money: not just the excess in itself, but the attractiveness of it. Think of how alluring it is to throw away your morals for the opportunity to double your free money.

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Gathered by the Spirit

Finding and reclaiming our common purpose in Terre Haute

a Homily for a special evensong  |  Text: 1 Peter 2:1-9

[Last night St. Stephen’s gathered for evensong with our neighbors from St. George’s in West Terre Haute. It was a wonderful gathering of mutual celebration and commitment that marks a big anniversary for the Episcopal Church’s ongoing presence in Terre Haute for 175 years.]Continue Reading

For the Great Creator

Stephen, Righteous Abel, and the blessing of creativity

a Homily for St. Stephen’s Day (observed)  |  Text: Matthew  23:34-39

And yet GOD never said he didn’t appreciate Cain’s gift! GOD just loves being surprised. GOD loves to see us stretch ourselves and try new things and use all of our gifts and currencies to express our love to GOD.Continue Reading

Bringing Death Out of the Shadows: Brittany Maynard and self-determination

In making her struggles and decisions about death public, Brittany Maynard has invited a welcome conversation about death and dying.

Now, I suspect many wouldn’t call the conversation “welcome”. Others welcome the opportunity to shame and shun rather than converse. For many in the church, it is an opportunity to shake our heads and say “isn’t that too bad” and walk away.Continue Reading